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Medical malpractice insurance (sometimes called medical indemnnity insurance) is essential for any individual medical professional or medical establishment providing medical or healthcare services. In today’s competitive, fast moving environment the potential for errors in the performance of services – alleged or actual – is all too real. Dissatisfied patients increasingly sue when things go wrong and the financial ramifications can be severe.

Why do you need medical malpractice insurance?

Without medical malpractice insurance, you run the risk of being exposed to many liabilities such as:
•Bodily Injury
•Mental Injury
•Duty of Care
•Error or Omission
•Good Samaritan Act
•Loss of or damage to tangible property
•and many more…

Subject to all relevant terms and conditions and exclusions a medical malpractice insurance policy will cover an individual or establishment against claims made against them resulting from an incident of medical malpractice or Good Samaritan acts and will pay all defence costs incurred with the consent of the underwriter.

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