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Professional indemnity Insurance

Why Use Professional Insurance Agents for your Professional Indemnity Insurance?

Professional Insurance Agents strives to offer the best solutions to your professional indemnity insurance needs. You can find the right professional indemnity insurance policy that you need for your business by using our online Quote and Buy system where you can compare competitive quotes from top UK insurers and then buy online. This enables you to select the policy that is perfect for you and be on cover within minutes.

As well as providing professional indemnity insurance, we  provide online quotes for a full range of business insurance such as public liability insurance, directors and officers insurance and all-in-one cover for shops and offices.

Cover is ideal for all types of businesses and individuals as mistakes can happen despite everyone’s best efforts. It’s these mistakes that can lead to costly legal fees and compensation payment if anyone involved suffers a financial loss. Our online Quote and Buy system allows you to purchase professional indemnity insurance to protect you in case of any slip-ups.

We arrange professional indemnity insurance for traditional professions such as architects, business consultants, engineers, environmental consultants, estate agents, translators, PR consultants as well as many miscellaneous classes together with those newer businesses or professions that will need to consider professional indemnity policies to protect themselves such as telecommunications, internet businesses and new media companies.

If you do not have PI insurance cover then you run a risk of exposing yourself to liabilities such as:

  • Libel and slander
  • Downloading of viruses to third parties
  • Malicious falsehood
  • False attribution of authorship
  • Passing off copyright or trademarks
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Breach of confidentiality
  • Breach of normal rights
  • Negligent statements

 Why is Professional Indemnity Insurance needed in the UK, Ireland and Worldwide?

Professional indemnity insurance cover is crucial to all businesses but is often overlooked and so can lead to devastating consequences causing a business to collapse due to an avoidable pay out. You would need PI insurance to protect you in the event of a claim resulting from an act of negligence(whether or not it was accidental), if you infringe on intellectual property rights, if you damage or lose important documents or you are accused of libel or slander.

If a dispute becomes complicated then your insurer can defend your claim right through to the High Court if necessary. If you lose then your policy will still cover you for any damages for which you then became liable, subject to the level of cover for which your business is insured.


Lloyd’s is proposing to transfer certain EEA insurance policies to Lloyd’s Brussels. The proposed transfer will not change terms and conditions of any policy, except that Lloyd’s Brussels will become the insurer and Data Controller in respect of the transferred policies. Further information about the proposal (including whether it could affect your pre-transfer position), which policies are transferring, your rights and what you need to do can be found at

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